Free software for designer

Hello my dear friends,

I will share some useful software with you, they are really useful for graphic design, sculpting and 3D work they are free and opensource so no tension to download torrent or buy the software.

  • Inkscape – Inkscape is a vector graphics editor application. Same as Illustrator and really stunning for creating swirl brush for Photoshop!

Check out few works created by using blender –


Perfect Desktop Wallpaper – Photo manipulation in Photoshop

Hi all,
Here is a quick tutorial on Photo manipulation, hope it will help you.

Final result

Download source images –

  • Open image_01.jpg in Photoshop, copy and paste image_02.jpg.
  • Add or erase unwanted part from image, only keep left mountain as shown in the image.

  • Add image_03.jpg (cloud) on the top and change the blending mode to “Luminosity” and opacity to 80%. Erase bottom part with soft brush to merge with the composition as show in the image.

  •  By using Lasso selection tool or pen tool make a selection of the statue, to merge with the composition use “Grass brush” to eraser bottom part.
  • Select brush tool and paint some shadow to the bottom left of the statue.

  • River painted with the brush (I draw the shape with Lasso tool and painted over that with brush) composition will look something like this –

  • Create new layer and use Elliptical marquee tool to draw moon, duplicate the layer and add Gaussian Blur (as per the requirement) I keep 8 radius. Change the blur layer mode to Linear Dodge (Add) and decrease opacity to 80%.

  • By using soft big brush I added haze. For waterfall I choose small brush and painted on new layer.

  • Time for using Adjustment layer, rather than explaining each of them following image will tell you in detail.

  • Composition will look like this –

  • Painted some birds to add life in the composition –

  • Press CTRL+A and then CTRL+SHIFT+C for Copy merged, press CTRL+V for paste on the top of every layer.
  • Press CTRL+J twice it will add two duplicate layer.
  • Select top layer then go to Filter – Blur – Gaussian Blur, keep radius 8.0 pixel. Change blending mode to Soft Light and decrease opacity to 40%.

  • Select bottom layer (2nd in stacking order) go to Filter – Other – High Pass

  • Create a new blank layer add white color then go to Filter – Lense Corrections and keep the value as below. Change blending mode to Multiply and opacity to 50%.

  • Final result will look something like this!

Let me know if you have any query and please do let me know your suggestion and feedback on my tutorial. 🙂

Thank you,

Adhir S. Pandit

Create a beautiful dreamy effect in photoshop

Today we will be taking an ordinary photo and converting it to a more dreamy one. This is a beginners tutorial. I have used photoshop cs5.

Source used:


Final image preview

Step 1
Open the girl image. Duplicate the background image. Select the spot healing brush tool. Select a small brush size , Now click on the spots/pimples. (to remove the marks on her face)

Step 2
Using dodge tool with 9% exposure, dodge the area just below the chin. (I have shown the area by arrows).

Step 3
Choose any selection tool and select the face as shown. Copy paste the selection on a new layer.

Step 4
Go to filter>blur>gaussian blur. Set the value as shown below. After gaussian blur, change the opacity of this layer to 50%. (to avoid more blurriness).
Also, I added layer mask to remove the blurriness on the eye and eye brow.

Step 5

Right click the layer—choose blending options> color overlay. The settings are as shown.

Step 6
Now create a new layer, paint with a black soft brush (to darken) with 10% opacity.
Similarly create a new layer again and paint with a soft white brush with 10% opacity in the centre of the background(to lighten).
I have shown by arrows the areas to be lightened and darkened.

Step 7
Download pixies brush from
Select the pixie brush “reaching” and click once using d1ceba color brush. Its shown below.

Step 8
Apply outer glow to the pixie. Settings are as shown.

Step 9
Download Glitter brush from
Choose pixie swirl brush and click once as shown.

Step 10
Apply outer glow.

Step 11
From the glitter brushes, select “spray” brush and click once and apply outer glow. The settings for outer glow are the same.

Step 12
Apply vibrance. Settings are as shown. Note that I am using photoshop cs5 version.
Earlier I used cs2 version. This option was not present in cs2 version.

Step 13
Apply color balance.

Step 14
Apply photo filter.


Hope u loved it. 🙂 😉

Designing a Business Card in Photoshop

This tutorial will guide you through the process of designing a business card in Photoshop using simple selection tools and gradient.

Final Image

Step 1:

Lets start with opening a new File in photoshop of  3.75”*2.25” dimension by clicking on File menu > New  or pressing CTRL + N on your keyboard. Change the resolution to 300 pixel/inch.

Step 2:

After opening a new file, Set Foreground Color to #cbf1ff and Background Color to #17c1ff. Apply Radial Gradient

Step 3:

Add noise. For this Go to Filters-noise-add noise. Amount of noise is 2.45%. Click OK.

Step 4:

Make a box with marquee tool. Fill it with #e0712f.

Step 5:

Copy the box. Fill it with #575757. After doing this Go to Filters-Blur-Gaussian blur. Change the radius to 2 px.

Step 6:

Put this grey box behind the orange box to make it look like a shadow.

Step 7:

Select the layer with orange box. Go to Layer-Layer Style-Stroke. Change the size of the stroke to 10 px. Change the color to white.

Step 8:

Copy the Orange box. Stretch it as shown in the image.

Step 9:

Copy the shadow box too. Stretch it. Place it behind the orange box. Now Skew it  as shown in the image.

Step 10:

Write the name of your company.

Font: Copperplate Gothic Bold

Size: 23.26 pt

Color: Black #000000

Step 11:

Write the tag line.

Font: Ariel

Size: 9.27 pt

Color: Black #000000

Step 12:

Make another orange box following the same steps. The front of your cars is complete.

Step 13:

For the back side of the card:

Apply radial gradient  with foreground # df752b and background # d15208.

Also add noise with 2.45%.

Step 14:

Write your name on the card.

Font: Ariel

Size: 10pt

Color: #ffffff

Write the name of the website, phone no. etc.

Font: Ariel

Size: 8pt

Color: #ffffff

Here is your business card ready. Hope you liked the tutorial.

Creating Jeans texture and making Custom brushes in Photoshop

Hello friends , Now we will create a jeans texture using HALFTONE PATTERN LIQUIFY NOISE and some useful photoshop tools .

In this tutorial we will also learn to create our custom brushes. STEP 1: Now we shall get started , create a new document

STEP 2: Now fill up stage area with following color …no
restriction . You can choose your own color of jeans .

Step 3: Apply texture to our basic fabric color. Go to FILTER>SKETCH>HALFTONE PATTERN. SIZE=3 Contrast=8 Pattern type= dot

STEP 4: add some noise to texture , it will add some rough look to fabric . Go to Filter > NOISE> ADD NOISE. Amount= 9.51% GAUSSIAN MONOCHROMATIC

STEP 5: Duplicate the layer and Select rectangular marquee tool(M) and Select the pocket size selection to duplicate layer . Then press Ctrl+shift+j , this will subtract your selection to new layer .

STEP 6: Now pick up soft brush tool and paint some depth to pocket layer . AS shown in pic below

STEP 7: Now warp your pocket layer. Go to FILTER>LIQUIFY. Following pic illustrates how ..

STEP 8: Give some depth/ contrast to base texture layer . Pick up BURN TOOL(O)

STEP 9: Now we will create a custom brush to create a thread to our jeans to give it look of stitches . Open a new document

STEP 10: Now pick up hard brush tool and make a new layer . Then draw the shape of thread .

Now press and hold ctrl and click on layer on which you drew the shape , this will create a selection .

STEP 11: Now time to create custom brush . Go to EDIT> DEFINE BRUSH PRESET. Following window will appear.

STEP 12: Now your brush is created , go back to your jeans file and select brush tool , go to edit brush and define following parameters.And create a new layer after selecting thread brush . Spacing =137%

STEP 13: Choose your appropriate color and start drawing your thread in design you want it . Do not forget to adjust the angle of thread direction in edit brush tab .

STEP 14: Now apply some blending option to your thread layer . RIGHT CLICK ON LAYER >BLENDING OPTION . Following window will appear. Make following changes. Style=Inner bevel Depth=623 Size =1 soft=0

STEP 15: Now pick up burn tool again and give some depth to pocket layer area under thread to give it some feeling of stitches .

STEP 15: Give some stretchy look to base jeans fabric by using liquify . Bush pressure=43 Size=364

STEP 16: Now merge the thread layer and pocket layer.

STEP 17: Make a new layer for button . Select Elliptical marquee tool (O)

STEP 18: Fill the layer and apply blending option to it .Then rasterize the layer by right clicking to it . Style= Inner bevel Technique=chisel hard size=5 soften =0

STEP 19 : Now go to SELECT> MODIFY >CONTRACT. Give the value 20 . And fill it with same color as of base button on new layer, then apply blending option again . Style= Inner bevel technique=smooth depth=325 size=9 soften=0

STEP 20 : Rasterize the layer again and apply blending option again .Then merge the button layers .Then atlast , merge button layer and pocket layer. style=pillow embross technique=smooth depth=725 size=29 soft=0

STEP 21: Make a new layer beneath pocket layer and above base fabric . Choose rectangular marquee tool and Fill it with gradient color .

STEP 22 : Apply halftone pattern again on tag layer . Then apply noise .Burn the layer with burn tool near to pocket , to show some depth .

STEP 23 : type some text to your Tag . Then apply some noise ans merge the layer with tag

STEP 24 : Apply some depth and shadows to tag layer by selecting shadow area using polygon lasso tool (L) after making new layer beneath the tag layer …then finally merge two layers.

STEP 25: pick up soft brush tool and apply some depth to pocket layer so as to give some realistic look .

STEP 26 : Now time to add some reality through torn off threads from fabric . Pick up custom brush or u can create some as guided above . Make a new layer above all .

STEP 27 : draw some thread in shown style or your own style as you wish . Then apply some depth using soft brush .

STEP 28 : apply some more threads to rest part ..DON’T ADD TOO MUCH ”

STEP 29 : Apply some more threads and finally add some noise to fabric layers .

STEP 30 : Pick soft brush tool and black color and apply some depth to give it realism

SO YOU HAVE DONE WITH IT !! ..Hope you liked it and got introduced some powerful function of Photoshop . Bye till next tut . ENJOY YOUR CREATIVITY :D:D:D

Create a beautiful photo manipulation this mothers day

Today we will create a beautiful photo manipulation. The theme is “Mothers day” which is on May 8th 🙂 So lets start !!
Sources used:
Final image preview:

Step 1
Open the mother statue image. Using any selection tool extract the statue. I have used the pen tool.

The statue with the background removed.

Step 2
How to make rain
Now create a new layer and fill with black.

Add noise

Adjust levels

Apply motion blur

Change the blending mode to screen
Now u have finished making rain! 😉
Now ur image looks like this–after adding the sky layer too.

Step 3
Now select the statue layer. Go to image>adjustments>match color
Set the values as shown. Here we are trying to match the statue color with the sky color. 🙂
Make sure that under the “layer” option the sky layer is chosen. I have shown this by arrows.

Step 4
Now select the sky layer. Go to match color.
Set the values as shown. Here we are matching the sky color with statue. Make sure that under layer the staue image is selected.
It will be confusing when u read this. But when u work on these steps u will be able to understand what I mean 😉

Now ur image looks like this.

Apply hue/saturation

Apply color balance

Create a new layer. Paint highlights using white brush with 12% opacity.

Similarly paint shadows on a new layer using black brush with 12% opacity.

Apply brightness/contrast

Final image :

Hope u loved it 🙂 🙂

Create a snow globe in photoshop

Here is a tutorial showing how you can create a snow globe from Glass bowl. You will learn some very useful photo manipulation techniques

­­­­­­­Final Image

The sources I have used

Step 1:

Select the bottom of the glass and press delete. Now press ctrl+t for transformation. Expand the glass horizontally.

Step 2:

Now go to edit>transformations>flip vertically. Select move tool and click on apply. Name this layer “Globe”.

Step 3:

Go to Image>adjustment>hue/saturation. Change Hue to +160 and Lightness to -17.

Step 4:

Now take magic wand tool and click all the black area. This can be done by a single click in the center of the globe. Press shift+F6 and change feather radius t0 7. Press delete.

Step 5:

Cut the bridge from snow bridge image such that it fits in the globe. Call this layer “bridge”.

Step 6:

Place the cup below the globe so that it looks like the cup is holding the globe. Go to hue/saturation set Hue to +180 and Saturation to +73. Name the layer “cup”.

Step 7:

Place the image of the couple on the top layer call it “couple”.

Step 8:

Use the brushes to show snowfall.

Step 9:

Take a new layer between cup layer and couple layer. Go to gradient editor and choose #587583, #415c69 and white color. Fill the layer with radial gradient (as shown below)

Step 10:

Change layer mode to hard light. Call this layer “hard light”

Step 11:

Add new layer above “hard light”. Call it “linear burn”. Fill it with radial gradient using #587583 and #415c69.

Step 12:

Change layer mode to Color burn.

Step 13:

With chain brush draw a pearl necklace. Name it “pearl”.

Step 14:

Copy the pearl layer. In the layer style,

Select drop shadow-

Blend mode: multiply

Opacity: 75%

Angle: 120

Distance: 11, spread:0 and size:5

Step 15:

Now select color overlay-

Blend mode: color burn

Opacity: 100%

Step 16:

Click ok

Step 17:

Place the heart pendant on the pearl necklace.

Step 18:

Now take a new layer and paint the silver area of pendant with #1d528b. It will look something like this.

Step 19:

Change the layer mode to soft light to make pendant look blue.

Step 20:

The Snow globe is complete 🙂

Introduction to few filter effects in Photoshop – Making a semi realistic carpet

Hello Friends, I’m going to introduce you to few filter effects in photoshop by creating a semi realistic carpet.


Open a new document

Now select “RECTANGULAR MARQUEE TOOL(M)” , Now click and drag on workspace to draw it.

Fill it with purple color

Now go to SELECT>MODIFY>CONTRACT and give the following value

Now your Selection will get contracted

Step 5:
Now fill the selection with yellow color and again contract the selection with same value as in STEP 4. And fill the later contraction by again same purple color . This will create a lining of yellow color .
alternate method will be , go to EDIT>STROKE> and give desired amount of width and color and you done with yellow lining .


Now merge the layers by Ctrl+E after selecting all layers with shift pressed

Now we’ll make a pattern of design on carpet .Go to custom shapes(U) and draw desired shape /design on your carpet by selecting the shape and click +drag on stage

Now raster the layer by right clicking on layer of shape created automatically in layer panel. After that merge again layers

STEP 9 :
Now time to add details to our carpet . Go to FILTER>NOISE>ADD NOISE
and add according to value given. Noise Value=16.71 or around that much as you want. Check the options GAUSSIAN and MONOCHROMATIC .

STEP 10:
Now we will move furthur and add more details to noise by giving it look of fur . Go to FILTER>BLUR>MOTION BLUR and give the value shown . Angle= 45 degrees and distance= 7

STEP 11 :
Now press Ctrl+T and now press shift+alt and drag the one corner of anchor point of free transformation to scale is small.

STEP 12:
DON’T PRESS ENTER NOW!! …right click and select perspective. Now drag one of the CORNER anchor points ,you will see you carpet is getting transformed in perspective . It’ll give it look as if it is lying on floor .

STEP 13:
Now time to add some more details . We will now add folds to carpet that will give it more appealing look . “DON’T LEAVE IT FLAT!!” .Go to Filter> LIQUIFY. And you’ll see following window will appear.

STEP 14:
Now select”FORWARD WARP TOOL” as show and drag the area highlighted .

STEP 15:
Now select soft brush tool , black color. Make a new layer above and below the carpet and name them DEPTH and SHADOW respectively.
now add some shadow to carpet on shadow layer.

STEP 16:
Now select the depth layer and paint depth to bumps and folds with shown value using soft brush

STEP 17:
Now carpet is almost ready , pick smudge tool and select the brush suitable to give details to threads of carpet

STEP 18:
Now duplicate the carpet layer and smudge as shown…

STEP 19:
Now select the BURN TOOL(O) and give light strokes to duplicated layer beneath layer and top carpet layer .

STEP 20:
Now you can give some curves(Ctrl+M) to carpet to play with light intensity on carpet . your semi realistic carpet is ready. Hope you got introduced to some powerful filter effect through making this carpet .

Hope you enjoyed it ..see you soon 🙂

Create a ballerina using simple cut-paste techniques in Photoshop

This Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to use a layer blending modes, and cut and paste techniques to create a photo manipulation. Combine your creativity with these Photoshop techniques to create your own photo manipulation artworks.

Final Image
final img

Step 1:

First of all, create a new document. Mine is 1100px wide x 1100px high. Now our first task is to create a nice abstract background. To do this we’ll draw a radial gradient down using these two colors: #46701a to #000000.

Step 2:

Copy the background layer. Name it bg2. Change the layer blending mode to color dodge.

Step 3:

Take a new layer. Name it “clouds”. Change the foreground color to black and background color to white. Go to Filters-render-clouds.

Step 4:

Now go to Filters-Distort-Waves.

Number off generators: 5

Wavelength: Min. 93, Max. 256

Amplitude: Min. 1, Max. 75

Scale: horiz. 100%, Vert. 100%

Step 5:

Change the layer blending mode to Overlay. It will look something like this.

Step 6:

Take a new layer and paint it using brush tool, as shown below.

Step 7:

Change the layer blending mode to Color.

Step 8:

Place the “Venice mask” image on the new layer. Go to filter-distort-wave.

Step 9:

Change the layer blending mode to “Soft light”

Step 10:

Place the ballerina on a new layer. Name it “ballerina”.
Go to Layer-Layer style-Outer glow.

Step 11:

Make wings from “Venice mask”. Call this layer “wings”.

Step 12:

Place the wings behind ballerina. Go to Layer-Layer style-Outer glow.
Change the layer blending mode of the “wings” layer to luminosity.

Step 13:

Ctrl+click the “wings” layer. This will select the wings. Hide the “wings” layer. Take a new layer, name it “wings color”. Fill the selected area with #8e8d20.

Step 14:

Place “wings color” layer behind the “wings” layer.

Step 15:

Cut out the mask from “Venice mask”. Place it on the ballerina’s eyes. Change the layer blending mode to luminosity. Name this layers “eye-mask”

Step 16:

Ctrl+click the “eye-mask” layer. Hide the “eye-mask” layer
Take a new layer name it “eye-mask color”. Fill the selected area with #8fee57. Change the layer blending mode to linear burn.

Step 17

Place “eye-mask color” layer behind “eye-mask” layer.

Step 18:

Make ornaments for ballerina using the decoration in Venice mask

Step 19:

Make necklace, armlet and anklets

Step 20:

Merge all the layers. DONE
final image
I hope you liked it 🙂

Easy Coloring a cartoon using Photoshop for beginners !

Hey Friends

This is a tutorial for the beginners as we have been seeing many advanced tutorials till now i would like to start of with the simple and basic Photoshop coloring. I use a Photoshop CS4  this simple work can be done in any version of Photoshop.

Now we shall learn how to do this character !

  • First Draw this cartoon character in an A4 size paper and using markers make a final hard copy
  •  Scan the copy and set the gray scale may be using simple picasa software so that the black out lines are clearly seen

  • Now open Photoshop software and go to
  • File > Open and select the file where you have stored the soft scanned character

Now Select the Color for the body of this Character from the color pallet

Now using the fill option fill the portion you want

Now similarly choose various colors and fill the other parts of the character

Now to give the yellow background choose the whiter background portion using the Magic tool from the tools option

  • Now choose the Brush tool and select the color you want along with the brush size adjustments
  • For Increasing the size of the brush use ” ] ”  and to decrease the size use ” [ ” now make the background with one click
  • To de-select the  portion Press  Ctrl + d

  • Now save the image by using the File option > Save As >
  • Type Filename and Format as JPG and press Save

An active Box may appear saying JPEG option Do the following settings and press Ok

Here is the final Out put 

Am sure this tutorial would help you how to start off with Photoshop !

Feel free to revert back or leave a comment

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