Create a beautiful dreamy effect in photoshop

Today we will be taking an ordinary photo and converting it to a more dreamy one. This is a beginners tutorial. I have used photoshop cs5.

Source used:


Final image preview

Step 1
Open the girl image. Duplicate the background image. Select the spot healing brush tool. Select a small brush size , Now click on the spots/pimples. (to remove the marks on her face)

Step 2
Using dodge tool with 9% exposure, dodge the area just below the chin. (I have shown the area by arrows).

Step 3
Choose any selection tool and select the face as shown. Copy paste the selection on a new layer.

Step 4
Go to filter>blur>gaussian blur. Set the value as shown below. After gaussian blur, change the opacity of this layer to 50%. (to avoid more blurriness).
Also, I added layer mask to remove the blurriness on the eye and eye brow.

Step 5

Right click the layer—choose blending options> color overlay. The settings are as shown.

Step 6
Now create a new layer, paint with a black soft brush (to darken) with 10% opacity.
Similarly create a new layer again and paint with a soft white brush with 10% opacity in the centre of the background(to lighten).
I have shown by arrows the areas to be lightened and darkened.

Step 7
Download pixies brush from
Select the pixie brush “reaching” and click once using d1ceba color brush. Its shown below.

Step 8
Apply outer glow to the pixie. Settings are as shown.

Step 9
Download Glitter brush from
Choose pixie swirl brush and click once as shown.

Step 10
Apply outer glow.

Step 11
From the glitter brushes, select “spray” brush and click once and apply outer glow. The settings for outer glow are the same.

Step 12
Apply vibrance. Settings are as shown. Note that I am using photoshop cs5 version.
Earlier I used cs2 version. This option was not present in cs2 version.

Step 13
Apply color balance.

Step 14
Apply photo filter.


Hope u loved it. 🙂 😉


About Photoshop Inspire

A self taught Photoshop graphic designer who loves learning new things related to art. She is currently doing freelance jobs , enjoys Photo Manipulation the most.

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  1. Very simple and easy to understand Thankyou Nisha

  2. vinita tomar

    thank u for easy instration

  3. Reblogged this on and commented:
    Another one of my old tutorials.

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