Create a beautiful photo manipulation this mothers day

Today we will create a beautiful photo manipulation. The theme is “Mothers day” which is on May 8th 🙂 So lets start !!
Sources used:
Final image preview:

Step 1
Open the mother statue image. Using any selection tool extract the statue. I have used the pen tool.

The statue with the background removed.

Step 2
How to make rain
Now create a new layer and fill with black.

Add noise

Adjust levels

Apply motion blur

Change the blending mode to screen
Now u have finished making rain! 😉
Now ur image looks like this–after adding the sky layer too.

Step 3
Now select the statue layer. Go to image>adjustments>match color
Set the values as shown. Here we are trying to match the statue color with the sky color. 🙂
Make sure that under the “layer” option the sky layer is chosen. I have shown this by arrows.

Step 4
Now select the sky layer. Go to match color.
Set the values as shown. Here we are matching the sky color with statue. Make sure that under layer the staue image is selected.
It will be confusing when u read this. But when u work on these steps u will be able to understand what I mean 😉

Now ur image looks like this.

Apply hue/saturation

Apply color balance

Create a new layer. Paint highlights using white brush with 12% opacity.

Similarly paint shadows on a new layer using black brush with 12% opacity.

Apply brightness/contrast

Final image :

Hope u loved it 🙂 🙂


About Photoshop Inspire

A self taught Photoshop graphic designer who loves learning new things related to art. She is currently doing freelance jobs , enjoys Photo Manipulation the most.

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  1. Beautiful 🙂 Very blue 🙂

  2. nikhilshinde

    seriously yaaarr !! looking very nice !! good work nisha !!

  3. nICE tutorials thanks 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on and commented:
    One of my old tutorials. Thought to reblog it.

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